Blackboard DCCCD: A Complete Guide To Make An Account in 2023


It has become the trend of modern world to gain knowledge or get study at more comfortable place like home. This type of education in which students or teacher don’t need to sit in the classroom physically but, attend a class as a teacher or student in the place other than classroom is called an online class. you can get class at home or at any other place where you feel more comfort. So, all the student and teacher are looking for a platform which can help them to have an online education.

To overcome this issue, we are introducing a new way to get online study that is one and only Blackboard DCCCD. Yes! It is Blackboard DCCCD which will overcome your all issue and will take you to a more reliable and pleasant environment to get schooling which will intensify your comprehension.

If you are eagerly waiting to get firsthand knowledge of Blackboard DCCCD then, we will not take your time and are directing you toward this online platform. We will make a detail discussion on Blackboard DCCCD. To get all these you will stay with us till the end.

What is Blackboard DCCCD actually?

Blackboard DCCCD is abbreviation of Blackboard Dallas Country Community College District. It is an online based education system that furnish an online class between students and teachers in Dallas. it is on the race to get lead over all other online educational campus due to the features and a high education it is providing. In this online education system student after paying fee can get a class session and can access to courses, degree and look for their subject’s teacher. They can also stay informed to different grades, transcript as a student and can get a secure messaging between students and teachers.

Now, first of all look for the purpose of blackboard DCCCD that what actually it is providing.

Purpose of Blackboard DCCCD?

As this is an online education system, the main purpose of this classroom is to set teachers, students and staff together to get study or to make a discussion on different projects. It will allow a group discussion with respect to exam preparation.

After a successive login, you will be able to access different projects on the portal. You can visualize all the projects and get an experience in your future use. You will be able to add study material and can get a help from teachers or student by creating groups and can also informed all about your study. students can improve writing skill by taking part in different assignments or activities.

However, there are some rules which you must follow to make an account. All these rules are given as.

Rules necessary to keep in view before login

If you have decided to join Blackboard DCCCD then, you should follow all rules and must keep in view the point that are given as;

  • You should have all the previous academics record approved by respective institution, as this will be proof of your eligibility to apply for a specific course in which you are applying
  • Result of TSI test will be submitted along with transcript to Dallas College Blackboard DCCCD login
  • Make sure that you have make a full comprehension on all the SOPs
  • Think to make a correct decision about course selection, you should prepare mentally to courses that you have chosen
  • Don’t take Blackboard DCCCD in easy way and try to be aware on policy that may change for some reason
  • You must be 18 or greater than 18 years’ old. If you are less than 18 than you should have a character certificate recommended by principal
  • You should have diploma to make an admission like, International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) and General Education Diploma (GED)

Requirements to access Blackboard eCampus DCCCD

At the time of login, you must fulfil following requirements.

  • You must have a command on usage of internet for example, you must know how to use;
  • A web browser
  • Different software
  • Computer and e mail id
  • You must contain an unchangeable e mail address
  • You must have a course allot by Blackboard DCCCD
  • You must have a secure and continuous internet connection

How to login as a fresh user on the Blackboard DCCCD?

As a fresh user, you can easily access, as the process is very simple to follow. You don’t need any additional help. You can do this by yourself without any difficulty if you know usage of internet.

Follow given steps wisely;

Step:1 Access blackboard DCCCD official website

The first step is to access Blackboard DCCCD official website. In your device, you will open a reliable source such as browser. Here you will enter web address

Step:2 Enter require detail at DCCCD

In the second step, you will give necessary information such as username and password. First field is for username and second for password. Do all this wisely and click on login

Step :3 Select an interested course

The third step is to select a course which you want to carry in future. A list of different subjects will be given to select one of them. You will select a course which will meet your future goal

Step:4 let’s use

Now, being a part of Blackboard DCCCD, you will be permitted to access writing board dash, here you will see different activities about your selected course

Guidance to select username and password

You must have a look on following guidance to avoid any confusion and difficulty.

As a student

Always start username with letter e as it is necessary to write and the letter after e must be 7 in numbers. For example, write a username like e2345678. After generating username your understudy e mail id will be like

As a staff

As a staff, you will generate a username with a small change.  In the user name there will be first three letters followed by four numbers such as, cdf2345 and staff id will be like cdf2345@dcccd.ed

How to regenerate password as you forgot it?

In case if you have forgetter your password then doesn’t be worry, we will help you to regenerate password. Important step is mentioned in the following.


when you open it, you will see three option along with link. These three option are given in the following;

Yes, I have enrolled in SSPR

No, I have not enrolled in SSPR

I don’t know. What is SSPR?

You should select one of them along with link given.


After this a page of forgotten password will appear, here you have to enter username, Gmail and words using sound. After doing all this select the option NEXT


In this step you will select to exit button and soon will receive a confirmation message form blackboard


At the end session by selecting finish SSO

Don’t forget to logout after completing an eCampus session on Blackboard DCCCD

As you are leaving an eCampus session, you must logout. For this purpose, steps are given in the following.


On the top of the screen at left corner, you will see an option of logout, click on this


As soon as you click on the logout option, you will receive a confirmation message from Blackboard that will be End session and logout, click on this


Again click on End session

Now, you can exit page by closing browser.

What to do as a student after login?

After login, you have to start an educational journey on Blackboard DCCCD. For this purpose, you will look for My course and schedules and will click on this. It will explore all about your courses

If you are unable to see your courses

If you are unable to see your course list then, take a help from the technical support website.

Ways to Resolve issues in the way of login

If you face any difficulty in the process of login, then don’t worry. It is a normal issue. You can overcome all the issues by taking following important measures.

  • Clear cache cookies of browser
  • Be sure in making a regular and reliable internet connection
  • If application is not going well, which you are using to access blackboard DCCCD then use Edge 2, Firefox, chrome and Safari instead

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S)

1.How can I get help from blackboard DCCCD?

You can access help at student help desk at 1-866-374-7169 or

2.can I reset my password?

Yes, you can reset your password by clicking on forgot password and then carefully following all the instructions.

3.Can I manage to access blackboard DCCCD from android or tablet?

Yes, you can manage it on any device such as android, iPhone, laptop or PC.

4.what are some examples of browser to make an account?

Some of the browser are safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Blackboard DCCCD is the way to get online study. It can make an easy way to participate in online study or to work on different projects. It connects you with colleague’s o make a better understanding on different issues. The whole process to make an account and login is very simple. there are a set of qualification and rules which one must follow.

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