Piso Wifi Pause: Login Guide, Features & Benefits In 2023


You will surely come across the difficulty of losing internet balance by turning on data and will certainly want to get rid of it. Dear viewers! We will certainly aid you in this regard and will provide you detail information to overcome your connection budget. So, for this purpose stay with us till the end to get sufficient information.

What is Piso Wi-Fi pause actually? Piso Wi-Fi pause is a technique developed to set up an internet connection for a certain limit piso Wi-Fi pause will let you use the internet for a specific pause and after this, your internet services will be cut off. This will help you to overcome data usage and to carry out other tasks. Piso Wi-Fi or Pisonet is a private connection that offers its services to the Philippines & USA. It comes into being in 2011 and the reason behind its popularity is that it is low in cost. To access Piso Wi-Fi pause you must have to purchase a subscription and then you will be able to get benefits in a proper way. The process of carrying on Piso Wi-Fi pause is very easy. It doesn’t require any technical training or experience to handle.

What is the purpose behind Piso Wi-Fi Pause?

The purpose behind Piso Wi-Fi pause is very simple .it serves as a mini internet café or computer shop which will offer the best internet connection and reminders to use it within the limit you wish to keep.

Devices require for carrying Piso Wi-Fi pause

You are surely using the internet on any Wi-Fi-enabled device. following devices will be helpful to access Piso Wi-Fi pause.

  • Laptops or pc
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones of any company.

Features Of Using Wi-Fi pause

Piso Wi-Fi pause is one of the best services which will aid you in fixing your time to pause an internet connection. As the name indicates it is the limit of using the internet means to say that you will not spend many hours sitting on the internet and spend your precious time. It is a rough type of alarm that will automatically disconnect you from the data services. Here the following are some features that you will avail of after getting Piso Wi-Fi pause.

More than one connections offer

Piso Wi-Fi pause will not let you connect one device at a time but you will be happy to know that it can connect up to one device at a time. You will have to generate only one account and it will let your device make up to 9 connections through paid plane services.

Engage you up to a limit

Piso Wi-Fi pause will at once stop your access to the internet when you reach up to a limit set up. This means that you will not be able to make a connection for 24 hours and in this way will be able to divert your attention which is only focused on the internet.

Beneficial to travelers and hostlers

This fast-growing platform is very amazing for travelers and hostlers as this will allow them to share an internet connection without any suffering.

Very easy to handle

The process of login or logout is very simple .you will surely have access to Piso Wi-Fi pause after following the instructions and steps. After login, you will have to enter a mobile number of your respective country like the Philippines and then roaming data will serve you internet services.

How to login on Piso Wi-Fi pause

We will certainly not leave alone our viewers in the process to login on Piso Wi-Fi pause. For this reason in the following, we are sharing complete guidance which involves step-by-step instructions to avail of the opportunity provided by Piso Wi-Fi pause.

  • First of all, connection requires a router that will access settings, and from this, you will ultimately be able to start a journey with Piso Wi-Fi pause.
  • The first step involves clicking on the web browser which will aid you in typing the address
  • In the respective bar let your fingers type http//:

(Note: Don’t type only as this will not provide you an approach to piso Wi-Fi pause)

  • A login page will appear set up the user name along with the password

(This username or password is not as simple as the name indicates for ordinary daily usage but it is different if the username is an administrator the password will be admin1234

  • After this make sure that user name and password are correct and the password added should be at least 8 letters and numerical digits etc can also be added

How to replace a new password with an old one?

If you want to change your password on Piso Wi-Fi pause then it is not a big deal you can easily carry on it by following the given steps.

  • Go to the official website of Piso Wi-Fi pause
  • Now a login page will be presented before your eyes to open this add a username and password
  • Then click on the gateway, connections, and Wi-Fi
  • When you open your Wi-Fi network press on the new password and add the password you wish to keep followed by the save option.

How to set up Piso Wi-Fi pause?

Once you have a login to Piso Wi-Fi pause you will be able to set up internet services. The user can access to Piso Wi-Fi hotspot by scanning a code with the help of Google services.

How you can set up a Piso Wi-Fi router?

If for some reason you are willing to reset the Piso Wi-Fi router then the following ways will help you in this regard.

  • A reset button should be pressed available at the back side of the router
  • You can also do this by pressing and holding the button for a minimum of 30 seconds, when you release this router will get on again

How you can get Piso Wi-Fi to pause customer support?

You can easily get Piso Wi-Fi customer support on the official portal. the hardworking and cooperative team is always available and will help you to solve login criteria or other personal information. Furthermore, point to be noted that customer support is only available for the customer containing the Piso Wi-Fi pause voucher.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Piso Wi-Fi pause

Nothing is useless when we imagine Piso Wi-Fi pause. It is one of the wonderful platforms provided to internet users. Here following are some of its advantages and disadvantages .so, let’s take a glimpse.


Piso Wi-Fi pause firstly was set up for the inhabitant of the Philippines but nowadays it has minimized the difficulty by providing services outside of the Philippines

It will prove to be helpful for those who wish to keep themselves away from the internet source for some period

It will help to overcome the budget.


The main disadvantage is that when the connected devices with Piso Wi-Fi increase then the data transfer rate decrease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some username examples along with passwords for router brands?

Following is the example of usernames and passwords for router brands;

Router brand: LPB Piso Wi-Fi

Username: Administrator

Password: Admin 1234

Can you find a forgetter password on Piso Wi-Fi pause?

Yes, you can get it by visiting forget feature.

What is is the IP address to access Piso Wi-Fi pause.

How can you check the remaining time for Piso Wi-Fi pause?

You can check this by following ways:

After opening the browser and Piso Wi-Fi address,   

The remaining time will be available on your device.

Winding Up

Dear viewer! Piso Wi-Fi is one of the best technologies provided. It is the best platform that will help you to access the internet in a very controlled way. You can keep and check the balance on your data and money budget. It comes with a number of advantages and features. The process of login is very simple.

We are hoping that this article will be enough to comprehend the Piso Wi-Fi pause. if you are not coming across your desired material then freely ask it in our comment section we will be glad to guide you.



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