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JoinPD: The Ultimate Guide to Join Pear Deck Sessions In 2023

Are you a student and looking for an online site that can help you to grow in a study-supported environment or if you are a tutor and wish to provide a healthy environment to your student who can learn a lot of things under your supervision then congratulation! You have correctly visited our article this will lead you to one thing which is JoinPD. Yes! You are coming across an online platform that will help you to join a classroom whether you are a teacher or a student. In order to take a deep view of JoinPD, you have to stay with us because we will certainly provide a vast knowledge of JoinPD.

What is JoinPD?

JoinPD is an online platform especially designs for teachers and learners as well. It provides a connection between students and teachers. Students can join online classrooms created by their teachers and teachers can create a class and then send a link or code to students to join them. So, in this way, both students and teachers are benefited and can find each other. JoinPD which is a subdomain of Peardeck is progressing day by day due to its useful services. The students of universities and colleges can share a presentation through this junction. A teacher can also share their slide which is equipped with useful information and can enhance the mindset of students to a certain higher level.

How to join a Peardeck session As a student?

A number of students don’t contain a proper guide to join an online classroom and in this regard, they face a number of difficulties. But dear viewers how can we leave you in misery? We will provide you with complete guidelines which will be enough to aid you in joining a classroom. Here the following are some useful step-by-step instructions. You must follow them to move ahead.

  • First of all, you should have a code or link from your tutor.
  • If you succeeded in getting a link or code then simply click on the link and go to the official website.
  • Now login to the website by using your Google account.
  • Then you will join the session or online classroom by giving a code.  
  • Your name and email address will be visible to your teacher but not to any other participant.
  • If you give an answer to your teacher’s question then it will be completely visible to him and he can make a response to your answers.                                                           

Things necessary to join Peardeck

In order to JoinPD here the following are some useful things that you must have to join or create a class.

Availability of the proper device

First of all, you must be equipped with a proper device to JoinPD for example you must have the:

  • iPhone or iPad
  • Android tablets, Android phones, laptops, and desktops. You must have a Google account
  • Make sure of the availability of the code or link

How to create a JoinPD classroom As a teacher?

If you are a teacher and want to share your presentation with anyone then in the following we will guide you through step-by-step instruction and make your comprehension to create a classroom for online presentation:

  • Firstly, you will visit the official website of
  • Then you will allow creating an account. You can carry your account either by Google or by Microsoft.
  • After completing the step of online creating an account you will select the option to create a presentation.
  • After this, you will go to the top to click the option add ones.
  • In the search bar, you will allow searching for Peardeck
  • Once again you have to choose the option add ones.
  • Select pear one and open it
  • Different sorts of presentations will be open before your eyes create a presentation of your own interest.
  • After selecting the presentation a five-digit code will be open so you can share it with your students.

Who is eligible for JoinPD?

JoinPD is a powerful online room to share ideas and presentations mutually and can be used by anyone who contains a class code or link. Here we will mention the professionals who are able to create or can join the class.


JoinPD is the best online platform for students with any difficulty can join this and can get vast knowledge.


Teachers can join it by making presentations or sharing slides with needy students. It will provide them a chance to teach students without any difficulty.

Other professions

A number of other professions can also join Peardeck. These induce, business admits treatise, journals, engineer, etc. They can take or give guidelines to others by providing a lecture through a presentation view.

Devices required to run JoinPD

JoinPD, a very useful site to create an online class can be run by a number of devices some of these are given as:

Browser like

  • Chrome
  • Edge except for internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Operating system
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Laptop and desktop


  • Android
  • Iphone
  • Tablets
  • IPad

Joining through Email

Email id is now a day’s becoming a very popular way of connection. You can also join Peardeck through email id.  Here the following are steps to join by an email id

  • First of all, enter an official website to join
  • Log in to the homepage
  • Click on your personal profile
  • Go to account and then click setting
  • In the setting, you will have to search required student login
  • Turn it on and select it by Google or Microsoft account
  • Finally, you are reached your destination

Top benefits of Peardeck

Presentations, slide share, or other classroom arrangements on the Peardeck are worthy to avail. It is a top resource to get vast knowledge, a hurdle-free presentation, step-by-step slide sharing, and many more Peardeck is equipped with a number of benefits and the interested user can really get benefit from it. The top attractive benefits of Peardeck are given as:

Productivity and visualization

Productivity and visualization are one of the top benefits of Peardeck. One gets really get benefit. As a student, one can vast knowledge by taking advantage of a number of learner features provided by joining such as writing, design drawing, and building up Capabilities. Students can also get confidence by sharing different projects or presentations and giving a brief description of this material in the online presentation or classroom.  As an instructor, one can get more and more experience by teaching students in a number of different ways and by providing firsthand knowledge of the topic.

A friendly association

Through this platform, Anyone can be built a friendly association with colleagues, classmates, and teachers as well. If different categories of projects and slides are shared on the Peardeck, it will individually make the entire seeker get the benefit. Different minds contain different ideas this thing will give a chance all the participants a can to visualize and note the difference between presentations and projects. So, in this way can read the minds and capabilities of other students or other learners can share their slides with others and can be built a healthy friendly enjoinment.

Different contents resources

The ideas undertaken by presentation, slides, or project can be used in the future by making different changes to it. The knowledge provided by Peardeck is highly valuable because a number of talented students teachers or other professionals used a number of hours to prepare these materials so, if one can approach these classes then in correct meanings he is taking a worth of their joining and the contents provided can really lessen their difficulty or need in future.

 Activity and pleasure

This learning platform is not only designed to provide you with an educational environment but a number of activities and pleasures that can be withdrawn. One can really amuse by this Peardeck as it gives a chance to its user that they access different activities for example graphics, writing, color, visualization, and many more .in this way one can catch the activity or skill of other colleagues when they use to share it through a slide share, presentation or by teaching.

Free features

If you come across the Peardeck you will certainly get a number of different features provided without any cost .You can access different lessons, creation of templates, and different management skills. Peardeck will provide all of these free of cost if you approach this wonderful site.      

Translation from word to the whole text

Peardeck works with more than 60 languages .so, you will not come across difficulty to comprehend your lesson. There are a number of options to change the language which will serve you. So if a need arises then you will surely get all the text or specific areas of the text to translate into your respective language.    

Tips to deliver an effective presentation

Here in the following are different tips this will aid you to make sure the best presentation on the Peardeck.

Clear voice

As you are delivering a presentation with the use of a voice then you must contain a clear effective voice that can penetrate deep into the minds of listeners. A lecture-delivering voice should be within reach to everyone and make sure that your language is synchronizing with the ears of all viewers.              

Keep in touch with every viewer      

One way that you can be the best instructor is you should be in a touch with every viewer. This will increase your confidence and will give you the advantage to deliver questions and answers to solve the riddle of participants.

Highlight presentation

For a better understanding of the presentation, you should highlight the important topics and words which will be accessible to everyone. So, in this way, everyone will feel comfortable and can enjoy the presentation or slide in a proper way. 

Enable setting for everyone       

Before starting a class one thing you need to carry is you should turn on all the settings for future sessions. This will enable the entire viewer to have access and support from line focusing, dictionary, translation, etc.

Highlight each word

When you are delivering a presentation then you should highlight all the words and lines you are speaking or delivering, this will put the entire student to the best comprehension of all the presentations line by line.

Extra slide sharing

If you wish to make your presentation more effective then at the end of the presentation you should choose a rough slide to give an idea of what you have thought in the respective presentation.

Pros and cons of JoinPD

No doubt that JoinPD is offering its best service to create a healthy, full-of-knowledge environment .some of its pros or advantage given as;


  • It is a source of firsthand knowledge
  • Very easy to join
  • Easy to handle
  • Provide a healthy interaction between teacher and listeners
  • Give a chance to speak in the crowd by raising a question
  • Develop sincerity
  • Developed of confidence
  • Easy to access
  • No need to travel for the class or wear a uniform


A number of possible cons are also mentioned below:

  • You can only join a class on the first chance, latter if you are disconnected then the respective link or code will not be able to rejoin as it is expired
  • Code can only be working a short period
  • Using a section of these types .students used to join a class and then engage themselves in other activities, so it will be difficult to keep check and balance on every student
  • Some of the activities are difficult to adopt
  • A session can only be joined by a smartphone or laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is Peardeck?

It is an online platform for students, teachers, or other professionals to join each other and deliver presentations by making an account to Peardeck.

Q2.What is the time period of a code or likes?

The code or link is only useful up to a weak.  After this, it will be expired.

Q3.Who is eligible for Peardeck?

Everyone who contains a smartphone or laptop, an internet connection, and a code or link is eligible to join.

Q4. Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use.


Peardeck, a user-friendly and easily adoptable site, provides a connection among different peoples to mutually share their knowledge, it is equipped with a number of advantage and benefit .to aces joined is very easy .you can join by a code or link, and can get its worth. Firsthand knowledge of a different number of tips can be get from this. You will provide the entire feature to make the best use of JoinPD.

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