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Snapchat Can Be Harmful for Teens: Corrective Measures for Parents

It’s 2024, and the modes of recreation for teens have changed. Previously, it used to be cycling in the park or engaging in any fulfilling activity with friends and loved ones. Digital technologies and apps have changed the way teens spend their leisure time. For most, it’s browsing through their social media apps, Snapchat being a popular one.

Snapchat is a leading video application, and most parents aren’t aware of it. As a result, they can’t keep tabs on the activity of their teens on this platform. The app’s annual reports reveal that college and high school students are the major users of this platform. It enables them to share messages, videos, and images.

No wonder that in February 2023, Snapchat had nearly 750 million active users monthly. And 63% of this user base logs in to the app regularly. Over 3 billion snaps are created and exchanged daily. While all these may seem interesting and entertaining, there is a dark side to using this app excessively.

Similar to any other social media app, Snapchat can lead to addiction. That aside, it can cause comparison with others, which leads to stress and anxiety. Additionally, some cybercriminals can make wrong use of the content that teens post and bully them. 

In this article, we will delve into the hazards that come with Snapchat and what parents can do to guide their teens better.

Dangers of Snapchat: What Every Parent Must Know?

In May 2023, The Detroit Jewish News stated that Snapchat can lead to adverse mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. It’s most common for college and high school students. Both parents and teachers have been concerned about it. As a result, filing a Snapchat lawsuit seems to be the most logical thing to do for parents or schools when they find the app’s use is leading to teen mental health issues.

A few dangers of this app that parents must be aware of are:


Snapchat has been notoriously linked with an increase in sexting among youth. The Cyberbullying Research Center conducted a study that found out that close to 22% of teens who have been surveyed reported sharing semi-nude or nude videos and images of themselves through Snapchat. While this might appear fun at first glance, some cybercriminals can use these files and misuse them.

Disappearing Messages

Snapchat provides a disappearing message feature that has its dangers. Predators can use this feature to train and exploit teens and not leave any trace of it. Since images, videos, and messages can disappear after some time, it gives rise to risky behaviors. It also poses a challenge for authorities or parents to intervene in the matter and trace the root of it.


The Snap Map feature in the app can let others know about a user’s exact location, such as friends. Even strangers can have access to this data if the user hasn’t used the correct privacy setting. It can also expose children to the risk of cyberbullying, stalking, and any kind of physical harm.

Inappropriate Content

Snapchat, as a social media platform, has been infamous for featuring explicit content. Users can have access to inappropriate content via Snap Map or even follow specific accounts. It can expose teens to harmful material that they might not be aware of. They can fall into the trap of cybercriminals and phishers who can exploit their data and cause much more harm than one can imagine.

Easy Access for Predators

Snapchat presents its users with ‘Quick Add,’ a feature that suggests to them strangers and even friends of friends. Some predators use this feature to interact with minors and trap them in notorious activities. It is also a channel for dark web activities, which have ruined the lives of several teens. Many teens have been victims of suicidal thoughts and developed social isolation because of predatory attempts through Snapchat.

Parents must be aware of these dangers and exercise control over the way their teens use Snapchat.

Things Parents Can Do

To begin with, it is necessary to know the degree of harm that Snapchat browsing has done to your teen. If it’s a mild addiction, then a heart-to-heart conversation can help them know how to use the app wisely. On the other hand, if they are victims of cyberbullying or any online trap framed by a predator it is necessary to seek legal assistance.

TorHoerman Law states that getting in touch with a lawyer is crucial as they will decide the eligibility of filing a lawsuit. They will assess the entire case and will ask you to gather evidence that will make the case appear compelling and plausible. That aside, they will also suggest a few guidelines to follow so that the matter at hand doesn’t aggravate.

That aside, it is necessary for parents to speak with their teen son or daughter and let them know about the dangers of Snapchat, as discussed above. Citing news articles and stories of teens who suffered because of this app will make them aware and be on their guard. The idea is to allow them to use the app with caution so that they are safe from any harmful online attacks.

In conclusion, parents today are waking up to the fact that excessive use of social media is detrimental to teen mental health. That aside, it is also necessary for them to realize how certain apps like Snapchat can have hidden dangers. However, if your teen has faced any trouble with this app, it’s important to seek legal aid.


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