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The Define Of CNC Machining

The Define Of CNC Machining

Machining alludes to the method involved with changing the aspects or properties of a workpiece through a mechanical gadget. As per the distinction in handling strategies, it very well may be isolated into cutting handling and strain handling . Below, the Noble editor will introduce to you what machining is and the production types of cnc machining.

1. Definition of machining:

Machining is an assembling interaction that utilizes mechanical gear, for example, CNC machine instruments, machines, processing machines, penetrating machines, and so on to handle object materials. Machining can produce parts and parts of different shapes and particulars, and is broadly utilized in hardware, aviation, vehicles, gadgets and different fields.

2. Commonly used machining types for processing parts:

According to the statistics of Noble editor, the production types of machining mainly include the following five types:

  • 1. Parts processing: Use mechanical equipment for processing to manufacture parts of various shapes and specifications, such as screws, bearings, etc.
  • 2. Component processing: using mechanical equipment to manufacture various mechanical, electronic, automotive and other components, such as engines, motors, etc.
  • 3. Tooling and fixture processing: manufacturing various fixtures according to production needs, such as fixtures, fixture plates, etc.
  • 4. Mold processing: manufacturing various plastic, rubber, die-casting and other molds, such as injection molds, die-casting molds, etc.
  • 5. Customized processing: Processing according to customers’ special needs, manufacturing various customized parts and components, such as special-shaped parts, etc.

3. Machining steps:

Generally speaking, the machining process includes design, cutting, testing and other links. In cutting processing, mechanical equipment will perform 5 axis cnc machining ,cutting, drilling, milling and other operations according to preset processing programs and parameters to achieve the required shape and accuracy. The inspection link mainly tests the size and accuracy of the processed parts to ensure that the processing quality meets the requirements.

In detail, the machining process is generally divided into multiple steps, including material selection, machine tool equipment selection, and cutting parameter settings. In the machining system, machine apparatuses are one of the center gear. Normal sorts of machine apparatuses incorporate machines, processing machines, penetrating machines, processors, and so on. While utilizing machine apparatuses, administrators need to perform cutting, processing, boring and different procedure on materials as indicated by foreordained handling strategies. The cooling and lubrication of cutting oil can reduce friction and extend tool life, and ultimately achieve the required accuracy and surface quality.

4. Machining production types are usually divided into three categories:

  • 1. One-piece production: Products of different structures and sizes are produced individually with little repetition.
  • 2. Batch production: The same product is manufactured in batches throughout the year, with a certain degree of repeatability in the manufacturing process.
  • 3. Mass production: Products are manufactured in large quantities, and most work sites often repeat a certain process of a certain part.

In short, machining, as an important part of modern industrial production, provides necessary support and guarantee for production in various fields. With the nonstop progression of science and innovation, machining innovation will keep on being endlessly improved, infusing more noteworthy power and essentialness into modern creation. BE-CU is a machining producer with over 30 years of involvement. Our organization has passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 confirmation. Kindly go ahead and counsel us on the off chance that you have any parts handling needs.BE-CU is known for offering the quickest lead-season of tests in 2 ~3 days from diagram to shipment and amazing client support as well as delivering top quality metal carved parts .Be-Cu provides the highest standard of cnc machining, precision metal etching and more service for all your needs. Contact us today to know more about what we offer!

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