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The Future of Contactless Payments and Credit Card Rewards

Numerous traditional cash transactions are now converted to contactless payments, as people prefer their financial transactions via online platforms. Many mobile applications are improving the security, and accessibility to execute contactless payments. Financial institutions and retailers also realize the user’s priorities and are improving their payment methods accordingly. These contactless payments are generated via credit cards, which allows them to earn some reward points on each transaction. These transactions are of certain types based on the credit card reward offerings, some card issuers offer rewards on groceries, hotels, and traveling.

What Is a Contactless Payment?

A contactless payment is defined as, use of any credit card, debit card, or mobile device that uses NFC, EMV, integrated chips, or Radio Frequency Distribution (RFID) to execute a secure financial transaction. Multiple retailers are allowing contactless payments via tap-and-pay credit and debit cards. Its adaptation is increasing every day in banking for financial services, transportation, and retail.

Mobile devices play a major role in making contactless payments successful, by providing NFC technology to make it secure, and transfer data wirelessly. This technology also gives rise to mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Many people prefer these payment methods throughout the world, because of their robust security, and effective online transactions.

Transactional Methods of Contactless Payments

There are many modern technological advancements in the field of financial operations. These advancements are providing new directions for every financial institution, to make their payment system more convenient, and secure. Technology is also enhancing contactless payments, by providing more options for users, to pay for something according to their convenience, while selecting the channels they prefer to pay. Here are some useful transactional methods used in contactless payment:

  • Contactless Cards

It is the initial method for contactless payments, as these cards are prepared with Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. It enables efficient communication with payment terminals, to execute transactions securely. These cards allow you to hold in front of the payment terminal, and the transaction is automatically executed. You can also gain reward points on each transaction using rewards credit cards. These reward points are redeemable for traveling, dining, and groceries, etc. It also reduces the need for cashiers and wait in line for their turn to complete the payments. These cards protect you from any fraudulent activity, and provide more convenience to its users.

  • Mobile Payments

There are many digital wallets available for smartphones, which are very beneficial for mobile payments. The best and trusted digital wallets are Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. These wallets let you store your credit card information securely and allow you to pay for something directly from your mobile phone. It eliminates the need for a physical card while making a purchase. Mobile payment users are increasing with time, which highlights the future growth of smartphone users for everyday transactions.

  • Wearables

As technology is evolving and providing new solutions in every field, wearables are also introducing transactional features in it. These wearables are available in the form of smartwatches and fitness trackers, that are initialized with NFC technology, to make online payments by just tapping on them. They are also contributing a lot to financial transactions, as many users generally wear these, and they take so much advantage of them. According to research, wearables will be contributing 20% of all contactless payments by 2024.

  • Paying Via QR Codes

Some contactless payment systems adopt Quick Response (QR) codes, and enable customers to execute transactions, by just scanning the QR code displayed on the retailer’s terminals. This method is extremely popular in banking applications, PayPal, and other users, who do not have NFC-enabled devices. QR code payments are gaining more exposure throughout the world, because of their cost-effectiveness while installing these systems, as compared to other methods.

  • In-app Purchases

With the vast variety of transactional features available in your smartphone, it enables users to add their payment details in various mobile applications. These mobile applications may be suitable for e-commerce shopping, banking, and other specific purposes. Users can execute payment from these third-party applications directly. This method is highly beneficial for the retailers, and food delivery sectors. The volume of in-app purchases is compounding every day, and it has the potential to increase more in the future.

Future of Credit Card Rewards

As we are experiencing cashless transactions, due to emerging technology, and its enhancements to the financial systems. Credit card rewards are also adopting new ways at a fast pace. These are improving user experience, increasing accessibility, and providing numerous options from various aspects. Here are some future developments of credit card rewards that you will experience in a short time:

  • Increased Partnerships

There is a possibility that these cards will offer a vast range of services, with their expandable partnerships with companies throughout the globe. You can gain reward points from multiple companies, by spending your money. This will increase the redemption options also, which are essential for traveling. Amazon is also partnering with credit card issuers, and offers reward points in exchange for making purchases on their platform.

  • Increase In Cashback

There are two types of reward points offered by the credit card issuer, and these are cashback or travel. Cashback cards are more popular among customers, as they are easy to redeem and gain as compared to travel rewards. When the pandemic occurred, no one was able to travel, so companies were affected by them, as many customers started changing their credit cards from travel to cashback.

  • Increased Return Rates

Currently, many cards are offering more reward points in exchange for buying gas and dining services. It is expected that these rates will increase further in the future, to attract more customers. These rewards will be higher for grocery items, and other relevant shopping items. This will attract more users when they figure out, they can gain more reward points in exchange for their monthly grocery items.

Future of contactless payments

Contactless payments provide numerous benefits to users, as they can directly initiate transactions from their digital wallets easily. It has increased transaction speed, security improvements, and effective integration with smartphones. Here are the future developments of contactless payments:

  • Contactless Smartphone Payments

As the technology is enhancing further, smartphones are also providing new robust features, that are useful in the execution of contactless payments. These features include payment from QR codes, improved security, in-app purchases, etc. These technologies are transforming the world, and enabling users to make purchases from their smartphones, without any need for cash and a credit card. These technologies will further improve, and offer numerous new features to users.

  • Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication provides another layer of security for your online transactions. This enables users to authenticate the online transaction, whenever it is being executed. These authentications consist of physical characteristics like Fingerprints, Face IDs, Palm Scans, etc. It is more trusted among users as compared to traditional pins. Many food chains have installed biometric scanners in their buildings, to improve the security of their systems. This technological authentication is expected to improve further shortly, to make the financial system more secure.

  • Digital Payment Solutions

There will be more digital ways of making contactless payments, which will reshape the entire financial system. No one expected a few years ago, that this would change at an extremely fast pace, and these technological advancements will be experienced by them. Now we have seen so many modern technologies in financial management. AI is also enhancing its technology and offering numerous solutions in every field. It will be expected to experience AI and ML models in financial systems in the future, to make the system more robust and secure.


Everyone needs to adopt these modern solutions related to financial activities. It will help in executing more secure transactions. Most of the users are taking benefits from these new technological advancements. These technologies are also eliminating the need for physical credit cards, and making a purchase has become an easy task for everyone. You can also get reward points from these payments, and exchange them for various services. These technologies provide robust security to the transactional systems, so that no one can access them easily. We are also experiencing a new layer of security named biometric authentication, which makes every transaction foolproof, by needing a fingerprint, and face ID verification before executing the transaction.


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