How to Check the Generation of Laptop? 3 Quickest method

How to Check the Generation of Laptop 3 Quickest method

The computer is become a part of our life. It performs different tasks to carry out official work or in daily use. Its performance depends upon its building i.e. from what generation it is belonging? So if you are also want to know about the generation or in other words the performance of your laptop then we are going to discuss it in respective article. So, stay with us till the end to gain sufficient information.

What is generation?

In the realm of laptops, generation gives you information about the age of the central processing unit (CPU) or indirectly the age of the laptop, will get sufficient knowledge that how much the laptop is advanced,d and obviously an advanced generation will work with complete essence. Processors are the main working part of laptops different processor manufacturing companies like AMD and Intel are introducing new generations So, if you are anxious to know about working of laptops then you should have a look at the generation of laptop devices.

Dear viewers! without any further delay, we are going to guide you in this regard.

3 Easiest methods to check generation of laptop

There is more than method to check generation of laptop. So, if for some reason one method is not working on your laptop then, you should look for next method.

Method No 1:

Accessing properties

To apply this one, follow the Easiest ways:

  • Open your laptop and click on the option My Computer
  • At the upper left corner of the page after opening my computer there will be option file followed by computer
  • Click on the computer
  • an option of property will appear, click on this
  • ┬áBy clicking a page contains all information about your laptop will open
  • In page there will be information like intel(R) Core (TM)i7 3520M CPU @ 2.90GHz
  • Now look for generation, after i7, the first letter refers to 3 which is telling generation i.e. 3rd generation and the intel (R) refers to board intel

    Note: This method is applicable to intel processor and the number may range from 1 to 11.

Method No 2:

By start menu

This method id very easy to follow and will not require a long process.

Simply follow given steps.

  • Click on the start button at the left bottom corner of the laptop
  • Write DXDIAG in the area of type here to search
  • A page contains all the information about your laptop will be open
  •  Before processor look for intel core which may be i5 for 5th, i6 for 6th, i7 for 7th generation and so on.

Method No 3:

By Task manager on window 11

  • to access directly type ctrl +shift +Esc
  • it will open task manager
  • Approach performance tab and click on CPU
  • the number mentioned will be the generation of your laptop

These were all methods to check the generation of laptop.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which generation is helpful or good for laptop?

The latest processor i.e. 11 will be better to use and it will come with various features.

What is the importance of recent generation?

The more recent and updated generation will work fast and complete its tasks in no time.

Can I check generation window of all types?

Yes! you can check with complete essence on all types of windows.

How can I check generation on my HP laptop?

You can check it by its label which is present at its bottom, side, top or it may be on battery compartment.

What is meant by intel processor i3-7350k?

The digit present after the i3 is 7 which indicates that it is 7th generation laptop of board intel.

Final verdict

Laptop generation is the final way to check the age of the CPU. This is a very effective way to check the performance and age of a laptop. Various method includes PC properties, the start Manu option and all are working within the laptop. It will let you meet with a number of advantages and will surely put you in the easiest way.

We hope that now, you are able to check generation. in spite of this if you contain any questions then our comment section is waiting.



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