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How to Find the Serial Number of iPhone (7 Quick Methods)

The devices such as, mobile phones, which we are using in our daily life are certainly, facilitating us with many features. It can minimize the distance from your family and friends. Besides this, it is also offering you to locate others and can make sure your availability 24 hours.

These devices are developing more and more and confine man into a single place.

There is the possibility to come across a hard time such as, your device can get damaged, it can be stolen by anyone and sometimes it may not go well .You can let all these difficulties move away as, the devices are equipped with a SERIAL NUMBER. Yes, you can overcome all the above-mentioned fear by getting the serial number of your respective device.

So, in the respective article, we are going to explain the serial number, with a number of methods to find it in your iPhone. Stay with us it may prove worthy of your findings.

What is the serial number of iPhone?

The serial number is actually a specific code number that shows the identities, actual locality, and time of manufacturing, or explores the feature and legality of the device. It is a basic trait of every device and can only be given to a serial product. It came across with a number of features such as, from this serial number you will be able to locate your device if it is stolen or by mistake displaced by the owner, it will also help to find different features such as color or storage capacity of the device and many more such types of features which will be explained in respective.

Here in the following firstly, we will introduce you to a different method to find the serial number of your iPhone.

Kindly follow them accordingly.

How to find the serial number of iPhone?

The serial number of iPhone devices can be found by the given method:

Method No 1: Take it from the phone’s buying box

It is a very easy and the finest way to find a serial number. Every Apple device such as iPhone will be enclosed in a box. The upper covering of the box will contain the serial number of that device, you will simply note it from the box and will be able to verify the authenticity of the device or can access support from the company.

Method No 2: Through Apple care+ or iPhone upgrade program receipt

Serial numbers can also be get through Apple Care + or iPhone upgrade program receipt. You can find the serial number of the iPhone on the recipient and can also from confirmation of email.

Method No 3: By approaching the settings of iPhone

This is also one of the best and most frequently used methods to find  a serial number .to take it from settings, and kindly follow them accordingly:

1. Tap on the settings in iPhone

2. You will be provided with options such as, general, simply click on this

3. In general you will select about

4. About will explore serial number next to which serial number will be present

5. You can save it by holding it and then followed by copying

Method No 4: Through purchase email App

If you are the online purchaser of iPhone then you will able to note the serial numbers through the purchase email.

Step-by-step information’s is stated as:

  • Open an email App on the device
  • Find purchase email
  • In purchase, email get access to the receipt
  • In receipt, the purchase information center will allow you to find the serial number, simply note it

Method No 5: Note it from the sim tray or design on the back of iPhone

This is a very quickest and easy method but, an older one. Your device can simply contain it on the sim tray of the device or, it can be found on the back of the original iPhone device.

Method No 6: Get it from another Apple device

Another iPhone or Apple device can help you in this regard. The ID for both devices must be the same.

Following procedure is involved in this method:

Go to settings followed by the name option, this select device to which you are finding the serial number. Next to the serial number, you can find it.

Method No 7: Check it from iTunes

To check it from iTunes you will connect your iPhone device to a PC or Mac. It will carry on by making a connection between PC and iPhone through 30 pin USB cable.

When you will connect to this , simply open iTunes on the summary, followed by selecting the device then, you will be provided by all the basic detail of the device which will also contain the serial number. You can simply copy it from the copying option that’s all.

Features behind finding a serial number of iPhone

You must copy the serial number of the iPhone after purchasing it as; it may help in a number of ways. A number of features are waiting to find a serial number some of them are given as:

  • If a product is assigned a serial number, It can be traced from the point of origin
  • You can check the warranty information
  • If your device is lost or stolen then, you can surely locate it by serial number
  • You can approach the company to seek help
  • Spare or compatible part information can also be get


Why serial number is important?

The serial number is important as it gives much information about the respective device such as; its origin, identification and its locality, etc.

How many digits are in the same serial number?

Serial number begins with at least six or seven characters and reached up to twenty and onward.

How can I confirm my serial number?

You can confirm your serial number via email, which you received ay the time of purchase.

What is an example of a serial number?

The example of the serial number is Y0132597.


Finally, we reached to bottom lines. In the respective article, we came across a number of methods to find a serial number and also the feature which you can get by doing so. The serial number is the trait of a specific device that you must have to overcome any consequence. You can share your thought or can ask for a question in our comment section.

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