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How to Enable or Disable Developer Mode on Android (Easy Method)

Technologists are trying their best to outfit mobile phones with many traits. And finally, we are also getting them. Our mobile phones are getting more and more qualified by a number of Apps, which are running android system and offering it helpful to carry out daily tasks.

Developer mood is one of the hidden qualities of android through which you can let your device work efficiently and also boost up android. It will grant you to meet with an unusual way of keeping up your android working ability.

Let’s look forward to gaining a command upon information related to developer mood, and, also find a working method to disable or enable it.

What is developer mode?

Developer mode is a hidden capability of every android device which can build up the best system behavior and also boost android performance. It is not essentially a working APP, but it may be disabled already in android, and it is possible to make it in use by carrying out some steps to enable it.

You can easily find it in settings and from here; it can be disabled or enabled. In the following, a brief description of methods has been given to enable or disable developer mode in android, carry them accordingly.

How to enable developer mode?

Are you looking for ways to enable or disable developer mode on android, don’t worry. We are providing you the ways which will facilitate you to carry on the process without any hurdles.

You are only asked to follow the given steps:

  • Open your device (android) setting which is presented in the form of a gyre symbol with a separate option in your app android app list or quickest way to approach the setting is you only scroll down the home screen of your cell phone a symbol of gear will appear.
  • When you click on the setting, it will offer a menu list. One of the options will be about the device, or in the case of another brand it may be my phone.
  • In About device tap on the build number
  • After this, it will explore developer mode and if not present then, simply search it in the search bar of setting
  • After you reached the developer option tap on the enable

Now, develop mode has been enabled if it is already turned off.

How to disable developer mode on Android?

The process to approach developer mode is the same as mentioned above with the exception that at the last step, you will disable the developer mode in place to enable it.

Features behind enabling or disabling developer mode

If you are enabling or disabling developer mode on android then you will entertain with a number of features that are given in the following;

  • Your device working will not be affected by enabling the developer option
  • You can create a desktop backup password
  • It will destroy every activity when you leave them
  • It will speed up the video games and also the graphics software program
  • Will show Bluetooth device without a name
  • It will lead you to help with USB debugging

Frequently Asked Questions

Can developer mode be harmful?

No, developer mode cannot be harmful. It will boost your device activity.

For what purpose developer mode is made?

Developer mode is made up to speed up apps and designing performance.

Why developer mode is hidden?

Developer mode is hidden because it is not necessary and is made as an optional test for various functionalities and brought different changes that may impact the phone’s performance.

Does developer mode is battery drainage option?

It would apparently seem to be a safe battery but actually, it can use more battery.

What is USB debugging?

It is developed by IT support for users to connect and transfer data between USB and computer.


That was all about developer mode. It is one of the hidden options in Android to make changes or to speed up the device. The process to enable disable is very simple and can be carried out without any hurdle. You will meet a number of benefits when you use to enable it.

A brief introductory note has been given in the respective article, if you are facing any difficulty then, feel free to ask it in our comment section.

Iram Sarwar
Iram Sarwar
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