How to Hide Liked Videos on TikTok In 2023 (Easy Method)


We are the creatures of the modern world and are following the ways which were not adopted by our ancestors. These ways include a number of inventions to meet our requirements.

The modern man tries to look beautiful and wishes to be a famous personality in the world without following any hard steps. To maintain these requirements, the technologists of the day are inventing a number of applications. TikTok is one of the most famous applications provided nowadays. Through this app, one can get millions of followers and likes and in this way can earn fame.

For what purpose Tiktok is known?

TikTok is one of the most popular apps nowadays. Its usage is increasing day by day because it is a source of popularity for its users. You can share your awesome videos with followers and in turn they can post a comment by liking the respective video. Your likes can be shared with everyone who used to watch your profile but, if you don’t like to share your liked videos with anyone on TikTok then, here in the following we are providing solutions to overcome your difficulty by presenting methods to hide like videos on Tiktok. So, dear viewers, stay with us till the end to gain sufficient information.

How to hide liked videos on Tiktok?

If for some reason or any other privacy option, you don’t let your followers keep an eye on your account every time and you want to stop them to keep a check on your account, then it’s not a big deal. You can easily hide your like videos on Tiktok and for this purpose, there is a method to solve your solution.

So, in order to get benefits you will have to note the given steps and follow them accordingly to solve your problems.

  • Surely you contain a Tiktok app and also a Tiktok profile
  • Now, click on the profile option on your device by taping 3 dots at the right of the screen
  • After this simply go to settings and select “privacy”
  • By scrolling the device’s screens let your eyes find the “liked videos” option
  • There will be the option of liking videos “to everyone” or only “to me”
  • You will certainly choose the option “to me” and then click on this
  • Now go to your profile and in the liked videos section the setting will be changed as the heart on the liked videos will turn to an eye with a line which means that the user’s videos have been hidden from others except the user.

Now you can only approach your liked videos without interference from any other person or outsider.

How to hide the following list on Tiktok?

There are a number of reasons to hide your TikTok following list from others. Sometimes you wish to keep it private. we will surely guide you to approach this setting. You are only asked to follow the given steps.

  • Open the Tiktok app on your respective device
  • Then go to the 3 dots at the right corner of the screen or select the profile
  • Click on the settings followed by privacy
  • Select the option that is list following   
  • There will be more than one option like sharing the following list with everyone or only to me
  • You will definitely select only “to me”

Now your following list is only confined to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide my follower list?

Yes, you can do this by following different steps.

Can others see the liked videos on my Tiktok account?

Yes, they can watch these videos but, you can also confine it to you by making different changes.

Can I still see my own liked videos after hiding them from others?

Yes, you can definitely see this by clicking the heart on your profile then it will explore your likes.

What is the advantage of hiding liked videos on Tiktok?

By doing this, you can lose anxiety and can also release pressure and stress to perform best. You can feel free and will not be pressurize to set a competition with others.

Why Tiktok likes are important?

Tiktok likes are important because they indirectly let you earn money, for example, likes lead to followers, followers lead to popularity and popularity leads to opportunities for making money.


TikTok is one of the amazing apps in respective age. You are surely using it. In the respective article, we let you meet with guidance about different privacy settings. If you are noticing a change of heart on Tiktok by turning it into a little line symbol then, you have correctly changed the setting of your own choice. We have tried our best to aware you from every aspect, however, if you contain any questions then, feel free to ask them in our comment section



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