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How to Screen Record Netflix on Android, iPhone, and Windows (Easy Methods)

Currently, the technologist are presenting different apps which we use to have video streaming services. Netflix is one of them and it is offering the most popular video streaming services through which one can get videos, documentaries, and different TV shows and can also download them to watch latter’s. But the main problem associated to Netflix is that it deletes downloaded content, and hence one cannot amuse later. To overcome this problem here is the solution as, we are going to discuss how you can save contents on Netflix?

The only solution to overcome this misery is that, there should be a screen recording which will guarantee a 100% safe to save and you will not be threat of losing any data.

In order to get complete guidance about screen recording, you are only asked to stay with us till the end.

What is screen recording?

We will shortly define screen recording is that, it is a feature of any device such as a mobile phone or window to make a screen video by recording without the installation of any third party such as an app. So, it will be the very best way to record video on Netflix without downloading and then fear of losing it.

How to record screen on Android?

First of all, let’s have a look at screen recording in Android. The Android device which are you currently using may or may not contain a function of screen recording. If it contains them, there will be a built-in screen record option through which you can easily record screen Netflix. And if don’t contain it then, firstly you will have to install an Android screen recorder for example AZ screen recorder.

The rest of the process to screen record is given as;

  • Go to Netflix on your device and play the videos you want to record
  • In the Android, a screen recording option will be present when you scroll down the first page of android
  • Click on the record option and let the recording
  • When recording reached a limit simply click on stop recording and save the video

Now the videos recorded will remain in your device record until you personally want to keep it. There will be no harm of deleting.

Recording on Android with an app

If you are unable to locate the screen recording option in your device, then first of all download and install a screen recorder app and then carry out the following process.

  • Open Netflix and play a video you want to record
  • Go to screen recording app and click on the recording followed by start now
  • If recording is reached to a limit then turn of recording and save it

How to record Netflix streaming videos on iPhone?

Netflix recording can also be done on iPhone without any cost. The step-by-step caring to record a video is given as;

  • Open your favorite celebrity show or other liked video on Netflix
  • Go back to first page of screen, scroll it down and look for the option of screen recording at the top of the page
  • When you find it then let it to record Netflix video
  • When video reached up to maximum then turn off recording and save it.

How to record screen Netflix in Windows?

In order to record screen Netflix on Windows first of all you should have to download Ease US RecExpert. This will allow you to record Netflix programs without any difficulty.

Let’s try the given steps:

  • First of all, download ease US RecExpert
  • Open it and click on the online video option at the left of the page and will symbolize a small TV
  • Here a detail of different sites will be presented, click on the Netflix and if you don’t find it here then click on the + symbol to find it
  • A window will be explored, simply click on the Restart option (it will let you to record videos successfully)
  • After this select audio, video or other program you want to record
  • Then, click on the recording button
  • To stop recording or after completing a recording click on the stop button in the toolbar

Features of recording screen Netflix

When you start using recording screen for Netflix, it will offer you a number of features which you will let’s move ahead and have a glimpse of these features.

  • The software is applicable to all types of devices such as Windows, Android, iPhone, and Mac. So it doesn’t require any specific device. It carries on all above mention devices.
  • You can record audio, video and also equipped with photos format
  • Due to edit option, you can edit your recorded videos
  • Provide best quality of recorded content
  • You can save the content for future use
  • Videos can be recorded with system sound or microphone sound

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is DVR allowed to record Netflix?

No, DVR is not allowed to record Netflix as it requires a specific software.

Is it legal if I use to record Netflix?

 No, it is not legal because you are breaking copy protection rule.

Can I record Netflix on Windows 10?

Yes, it can be recorded on Windows 10 with complete ease.

How to screen record Netflix on smartphone without black screen?

To avoid black screen, you will have to use a separate browser which will not permit any issues.

Bottom lines

That was all about recording Netflix and the simplest method to record a video. The whole process can be run without any difficulty and also one will get a very high-quality audio or video recording. It will offer many advantages. One can use to watch all recorded content without any difficulty and there will be no fear of losing any data.

If your mind arising a question then, the comment section is waiting for this record.

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Iram Sarwar
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