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Quizziz: An Addition to Gaming Based Quiz with Features, Alternatives Pros & Cons

We are leading a more comfort life as compared to our ancestors. The reason behind this comfortability is that there are a lot of techniques which help us more to carry out our daily tasks. One example is that we can test our knowledge without a tutor at home by approaching different educational software provided by developer. The process to play or test our brine capability is very easy. Even a student of lower section can do this without any difficulty.

When debate upon study apps start then, there is no way to forget the name of QUIZZIZ. Yes, Quizziz is on the list of top educational software companies that provide its user a gaming based educational environment which motivate students to solve different learning questions in a very easy and entertaining way. This is not only design for students but a teacher can also get benefit by using it.

To gain a brief knowledge about Quizziz, you have to stay till the end so that you can amuse this amazing app.

What is Quizziz?

Quizziz is an online platform that permits students and teachers to solve or create a quiz with respect to an academic purpose. It provides quizzes of various subjects such as, general knowledge, mathematics, all science subjects and many more. A student can play a game by solving questions. They can do so by playing individually or with friends by sharing code.

It creates self-assessment in the students. They can solve different riddle by making a correct decision in solving questions. It will enable them to sharpen their mind and to improve grammar up to a large extent. Beside all these it provides benefit that, a teacher can be attached to students and can drop a precious feedback on the students’ performance without any grade. In this way Quizziz will help a student to make an estimate of weakness in the study and improve it next time.

It was launched in 2015 and a worldly used educational software with a huge number of user.

How to create an account on Quizziz?

To enjoy this wonderful study and fun based platform, first of all you have to create an account with Quizziz. Here in the following are simplest ways to create an account and become a part of that community.

As a student, teacher or guardian

Step by step instruction is as:

  • First of all Login to from a browser
  • There will be sign-up option at the top right corner of the page, click on this

Note: You can sign up by entering an e mail id or simply through a google account. Both of them are separately discussed in the following section.

Signing up with google account

  • There are different numbers of goggle account, select the account through which you want to proceed Quizziz
  • After selecting, it will ask for permission. Click on the Allow option
  • Choose one of the following account which you will keep to proceed further
    Parents or guardian

As a teacher or student you will surely be a part of an educational institute. Next step requires to put information about your institute such as, name of the institute or country in which you are currently living. You can enter the name by providing pin code. As you enter the pin code, a list contains different country name will appear, select one of them if don’t contain then simple entre it in the box.

Now, you have successfully sign in to Quizziz and you are a part of that awesome educational community

Signing up with an Email id

In order to sign up with an e mail id step 1 and 2 which are mentioned earlier are same for this procedure. Rest of the step are mentioned as:

  • Type e mail address instead of selecting an account
  • Select one of the following account you want to keep
    Guardian or parent
  • after selecting an account entre following details where it requires
    First name
    Last name
  • After giving necessary information, there will be a complete sign in option click on this
  • Provide information about your institute and country by entering pin code or simply searching it from given box

Congratulations! you have successfully create an account with Quizziz.

How to logout from Quizziz?

To logout from Quizziz, go to join page and click on the hamburger icon and click on logout.

How to start a quiz after creating an account?

After you have successfully created an account you are able to use it as a teacher or student. As a teacher you will use it to create a quiz and as a student you will use it solve a quiz.  complete process to create or solve it, is given as;

As a teacher create a quiz

As a teacher/instructor create a quiz by adopting following ways:

  • In the respective platform after signing up or by visiting
  • click on the create option then sign up and give necessary information’s by filling form
  • Now, to create a quiz select name of the quiz, an image and language
  • Select the way you want to keep your quiz private or public
  • In the question section put entering question with answer and also mark correct or incorrect
  •  Select another question and repeat step 4 until you enter all the question for quiz
  • after filling all question click on finish option

As a student solve quiz

if you are a student then, solve the quiz by adopting following ways:

  • visit and entre six digits’ code
  • search for a quiz
  • if you want to solve it live then click on the play live otherwise select home work. Don’t forget to mention your name
  • complete the quiz by giving appropriate answers to the given questions. After completing you can see results overall or individual marks.

Features of Quizziz

Quizziz is very necessary for both teachers and students. It provides various features. some of the top features are given as.


This tool is very safe to use. your personal information will not be shared to anyone .it will only visible to your instructor or developer. Beside all these, it is not necessary to login, you can join it without making an account with temporary identity. The only difficulty is that, there will be chance of losing result or data if you use it without an account.

2.Straight forward use

Once you decided to join Quizziz then it is not difficult to use it. After joining by entering a code the list of question will appear. You will straightly give answer to the question, after completing it you will see the result.

3.Improve students learning

Through this source one can improve learning in a very short span of time. you will not ask to sit in a class attentively or spend hours in waiting. This all will be done in the place where you want to sit and in a very easy mood. A learner will improve its mental capability as most of the question compel a user to analyze it more to the depth by solving questions in a given time. It will help them to manage time and properly use it. Majority of the students have improved a lot with Quizziz by understanding grammar in a proper way.

4.Reduce stress

Quizziz can reduce stress in the students. The environment is friendly and a student can keep complete record of performance and can compare it with others. In this way gradually, Quizziz will enable them to enhance learning and make a good decision.

5.Access to millions of quizzes

When a user become a part of this online tool, they will be able to go through all the quizzes and can enhance their knowledge by accessing different subjects.

Pros and cons of Quizziz


  • A user especially students can compare their progress with rest of the class
  • Students can review feedback given by teachers, they will not wait for individual grading
  • There is no misery to solve a question on the papers rather it is easy to do this online
  • The teacher in a very short period will be able to go through the mind of student
  • Results show further improvement in lessons
  • Audio video response
  • Offer assignments to engage students
  • A healthy interaction between students and teachers
  • Can be used for both formative and summative assessment


  • offer services limited to school
  • it increases anxiety among students as they wait for upcoming lessons
  • difficult for some students to connect to an assessment

Top alternatives of Quizziz

if you are looking for another source of educational online community, alternatives to Quizziz are available which are similar to Quizziz and playing role in educational field.

1. Classtime

Classtime is an educational assessment solution for teachers that help to create a teaching session and provide a quick response by feedback upon different quizzes. Classtime will help teachers to design a quiz that works on numerous themes like multiple choice questions, matching column or sorting etc. Subjects covered by classtime are social studies, science, mathematics English any many more.

2. Kahoot

Kahoot is the best alternative to is a newly launched learning platform that is suitable educational works on android, iOS and desktop. It is better than Quizziz as it contains 2642 reviews and 4.74/5 starts in rating. There is a list of questions to solve and timing is about 15 to 20 minutes for each quiz.

3.Questionspro’s live polls

This alternative is an online educational resource. It offer quizzes to be provide an immediate response by posting feedback and declaring results. It offers best services than Quizziz by providing quick response.


Mentimeter allow teachers to make a healthy connection with pupils. In this alternative, teacher post a quiz and in turn student solve it in their devices.


It is an online educational software that offer a quiz to be solved. besides this it offers to ask a question a give a vote as a response that encourage teachers. Many users prefer Ahaslides as a best alternative to Quizziz.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S)

Is Quizziz offer a free quiz?

Yes, it offers free quiz session. You can start or create a quiz in no time.

How can Quizziz detect a cheating?

While solving a quiz if, students exit full screen or open another tab it means that they are approaching another way to solve quiz.

On what devices Quizziz works?

Quizziz works on all type of devices such as ios, browser, android and desktop.

Is it necessary to login for joining Quizziz?

No, it is not necessary. you can join it without creating account.

Bottom lines

Quizziz is an online educational based gaming platform. This is very famous way to engage pupil. It is also very benefit for teachers to engage students. If you get it then number of features are waiting for you. it provides an informative environment. User can share their comments and teachers can also set feedback in return to submitted Quizzes.

If you had a question, then our comment section is waiting.

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