YPhone: Toy Play Cell Phone For Kids Learning (A Detailed View )

YPhone Toy Play Cell Phone For Kids Learning (A Detailed View )

If your children are getting bored in this modern age. And If you wish to keep your child up to date with changing world. If you are trying to buy a gift for a child that will enhance their learning, then congratulation dear viewer you have finally reached an ultimate platform that will surely help you choose a beneficial technology for your child. This will provide more benefits to children than other technology provides. You should have an eye on the respective article till the end so that you can get a brief analysis of the technology, we are providing on this platform.

Why yphone known as?

YPhone is a type of cell phone that is specially designed for children to amuse and put them on the way toward learning. In the modern world if anyone makes use of the cell phone for calling, chatting, watching, or any other purpose then children note this and they compel you to hand over the cell phone so that they can keep themselves amused by the different activities it provides. Most parents don’t give phones to their children as this thing increases the risk of potential damage to their cell phones. But yphone is a very simple technology that is only designed for kids. It is very easy to use and even if your kids can’t damage its screen there is no risk of deleting information. Yphone contain games, movies, and other apps which are designed according to Childs learning.

Features of yphone

Yphone is designated especially for the kids keeping in view the entire requirement to improve their learning ability. It is a pseudo mobile phone and will provide children with full entertainment. How can we forget to introduce features of yphone. Here in the following a list of prominent features is available so, you should visit them to gain sufficient knowledge about yphone.

Camera of yphone

Children are more interested in mobile phones now a day. Because they use to see other members of the family especially their parent’s yphone will be a great idea for them. As children are attracted more and more to mobile features like cameras. The camera is a main component of any mobile phone. yphone also contains a camera that perfectly looks like a real camera. It deceives children into believing that they are holding a real camera.

Lighting of yphone

The next feature that kids mostly like is the lighting of yphone. Children are fond of lights. They try to hold bright things. Lights are present on the sides of the phone. when light shines it compels them to look like a shining toy for kids.

Great accessories

Yphone is enough to let the kids consider that they are holding real mobile. Its front side contains all the features of a real mobile phone such as buttons, numbers, colors, and other accessories. It also contains a teddy bear at its backside which causes attraction towards kids. Besides these things, yphone is equipped with all the characters such as cartoon applications. So it’ll work as both a learning and a requirement of a real phone.


In the modern age, kids are interested in music. They frequently attract their ear towards a music source .yphone is also equipped with music .this thing makes it more and more convenient. Kids can sit or wonder and even sing when coming across a music source. So, it will be a better choice for children. It also minimizes parents’ worries because these phones forget kids to make attention to their parents’ cell phones.

A large screen

Yphone contains a large screen like a real mobile phone .this will make sure that the kids contain a strong grip on the phone and easily watch interesting things.

Child development with yphone

This modern age contains so many technologies. Its proper use can build a person. By holding yphone children can learn a lot of things. Kids can navigate to improve fine and useful skills. yphone can help them to build up language by practicing speaking and listening. Kids can enhance their mental ability by playing games and solving different riddles through a game.

Surety of safe equipment

Yphone is safety equipment for children. It can’t let kids access internal or other harmful sides which exploit their minds. Yphone contains benefit features, its wise use can prove a true builder for kids. Parents also need to give instruction and supervision in using yphone. This yphone will keep children away from real dangerous sources such as mobile phones.

Yphone pros and cons

Yphone pros and cons are given as:


  • Yphone is a rechargeable kid’s toy it can be recharged by a USB cord.
  • It can be easily on and off by a switch present at the bottom.
  • The buttons feature of yphone work, which makes it more real.
  • Around that age, a multicolor stimulation of light makes it more favorable for kids.
  • A worthwhile gift to deliver
  • Open ways to the imagination for kids.
  • Micro USB charger
  • Awesome flashlight
  • Listening and recognition ability


  • It can get serious damage when making contact with a hard surface.
  • Yphone contain a high sound range
  • The touch screen of yphone peels off easily
  • Difficult to control the phone’s function without adult help

Suggested kid’s age to approach yphone:

Yphone is designed to overcome the difficulties of both children and parents as well. To approach a yphone kids’ age must be up to 3 years and onwards. Younger children can also but noticed to be less interested.

Specification related to yphone

Yphone builds up in such a way that it can be easily handled by children. It is not a real phone but enough to deceive that a child is holding the real phone. Some specification that are only related to this wonderful technology is given as

Yphone                      Simple toy
Is it real?                   not a real phone
Measurement              length *width * thick
                                 12.5cm*   5.8cm*0.8cm
Size                           Can easily fit in kid’s hand
Weight                        90g
Color                           black & white
Charging                     Micro USB charging
others                         Color buttons
                                   Insulation covering
                                   Power switch
Charging                     10-20 minutes
Yphone price                10$

Where you can buy a yphone?

 If you are an online customer you can easily buy yphone from several online retailers such as Wal-Mart and Amazon. It can also be purchased from a toy store.


Yphone is no doubt a wonderful invented technology of the modern age. It is specially designed for kids to overcome their desire for a real cell phone. It aids parents to find a suitable gift for their children. And also It contains several features, benefits, and specifications. It is easy to handle. Equipped with colorful lights which are enough to attract a kid. It may contain some downsides because of not a real phone .however it will prove to be a better choice and will develop basic skills in your child.

With my full efforts, I tried to make you aware of every aspect of yphone. If this article doesn’t contain related material then let your finger type a comment in our comment section.



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