99math: An Free Multiplayer Math Game With Features, Alternatives, Pros & Cons

99math An Free Multiplayer Math Game With Features, Alternatives, Pros & Cons

Math has become an important aspect and subject of our life. We use it and solve it by different methods. In the past to solve a question based on analytical reasoning biological point of or simply a math’s related question then surely, we needs the aid of mathematics.

Nowadays in the modern world, it is not difficult to solve the misery created by math. There are a number of ways waiting for us to carry them and approach our efforts to solve riddles offered by math.

99math is one of the ways provided to help you with your basic needs to solve a question. It is one of the Estonians Companies that develop a type of math game through which a student can study and also can take part in competitions offered by online math tournaments.

This is not enough for you to comprehend 99math. Here in the following, we are discussing 99math in detail you are only asked to read this article carefully.

What is 99math?

99math is a type of quiz game that is offering practice games for pupils. This type of gaming system is very easy through this, the counselor selects a skill to set in competition and will arrange a live online class. The students will join them and then a group of three competitors will play against each other .obviously, one will be set as a winner and the other can also get their performance throughout the online competition.

99math is round about three-year-old gaming and studying platform and reached up to 600 million in numbers of math problems for students and teachers. Besides these developers are trying to improve the class experience.

99math is essential for both teachers and students to work for math practices in a very amazing manner. Teachers can choose tricky problems which can prove to be the best ones to enhance pupil learning ability. After solving the game-based riddle of math the students will learn much about their weaknesses after getting results from an online session of math via a game.

Working details for 99math

99math is most likely to be a gaming and study tutorial as well. This gaming math comprises a number of levels and, at the end of every competition level, there is always a reward that is set to encourage users to the next level. Players can unlock them and be motivated.

99math works in the form of design exercises. These are gradually set by tutors and are step by step hard. One can unlock one step and after making correct answers can be reached to a higher level.

Top features of 99math

When you use 99math it will prove worthy and will give you a chance to meet with a number of features. Here in the following a list of top features is given;

A tool for an act of judgment

As it is given earlier in your mind that it is a platform that engages students and teachers and you know very well that teachers are the best instructor and checkers, when you solve an exercise given by tutors then’ there may be a number of mistakes, unconsciously undertaken by you. Your instructor will point out them accordingly and in this way, you will be judged more precisely that much capable you are.

Learning capability

99math will enhance your learning ability. It will help students to understand tricky math concepts without getting bored. It will enhance their mental ability to earn tricky ways and also to find a solution step by step. This platform is safe to use and even you will not feel ashamed after getting low performance. Overall this will help to make personal judgments and also to identify different faults in steps by step progression.

Enhance math progress

After joining 99math the pupils will enjoy the best math experience. They will be able to solve all sorts of math questions with enjoyment. The parents will also get relax as; this will enable their children to make progress without any hurdles.

Quick access

99math is very easy to approach. It provides its quickest service and you will not face any hurdle to be a part o 99math. The stage-by-stage progression will make sure your step-by-step progression, besides this you will be entertained with an award after completing a stage by giving an answer which will create more interest to carry on it.

Cover all math topics

It is very useful and a number of ways and the best is that it covers all types of topics related to your math. It fragmentizes units into exercises and the easiest ways to cover all these. It contains advanced subjects like calculus and statics which is a very powerful point of this gaming math platform. Besides all these, it also covers a number of topics such as linear equations, radicals, geometry, fractions, subtraction, multiplication, division, probability, and many more.

7-days free trial

99math will offer you a 7-day free trial; which means to say that for the first day without a subscription, you can enjoy it and can get a firsthand experience without paying any bill or subscription charges. Within 7 days you will be able to decide about joining math99 that either it is worth joining or not.

Attractive subscription charges

99math is not very costly to approach. Its subscription fee is around about 6$ monthly which is in reach to everybody and in this subscription fee, you will be permitted to enjoy the most attractive games on the 99math.

Pros and cons of 99math

A number of pros and cons of 99math are given;


  • A lot of students are unable to pick up math questions easily. This video-type gaming math will help to solve this misery. Weak students will be easily convinced towards different questions in an amusing way
  • It will help to save time for teachers
  • It will help to set up a healthy competition between students and in this way will help them to point out their weaknesses and in future try to give the best performance
  • A type of game and learning as well
  • 99math perfectly match the needs of students for grade 1-8 and cover all topics in their syllabus
  • The students will be most excited to join it next time as; it is a type of refreshment


  • It is designed for only math and the students will be unable to seek other subject’s aid
  • The game provided may be too much easy or difficult and hence one can get bored for any reason
  • It will not offer individual support to ask a question
  • Teachers may have to look for another resource to give them additional help
  • A user must have a reliable internet connection, and hence for this reason may not in access to everyone

Top alternatives of 9math

The top alternatives of 99math are given as;

Math Arcade

It is an alternative to 99math games. This type of online game is very helpful to teach a number of math questions like; fractions, multiplication, logic games, and many fun skill problems. One can also win prizes and earn tickets.

Dream box learning

The next alternative is dream box learning. This is online software that focuses on math education, especially at the middle and elementary levels. It provides 2,000 above lessons to learn and hence will prove itself the best resource to carry math questions easily. Therefore, if somehow or other you are looking for another alternative then it will be the best one.


It is another gaming math. It comprises a large number of math questions.it is very helpful to both teachers and students as well .it provides a guaranteed solution to every question.

Thinkster math

Thinkster math game is a type of online gaming platform. It provides a number of questions that can boost the intelligence level of students.  


It is an online mathematics-based program, that helps to engage students and will help them to learn math in a very easy way. The step-by-step stage promotion will lead you to make the best progress.


IXL offers a math classroom to connect students and teachers for mathematics and other related subjects. It comes with an advantage that without an account you can ask 10 questions per day. And if you want to get more questions then, you will ask to pay a subscription fee for this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For what grade 99math is?

99math is for 1st to 8th grade students. It almost covers all the topics of the respective grade.

Can 99math be played at home?

Yes, it can be played at home. The kids can easily handle it. It provides a challenge to keep students interested in the game.

Can a teacher get support from 99math?

Yes, it offers complete support .teacher can get a note of student progress and many more.

Is 99math is in reach of all students?

Yes. It is within reach of every student except those who don’t contain an internet connection.


That was all about 99math. It is one of the biggest modern developments for students and teachers. Through this one can get command over math in a very amazing way. The students will surely don’t get bored .it comes with a number of features and benefits. If you are looking for another source then alternatives are also given.

This article comes with a number of information if still, you contain a question then, ask it freely in our comment section.



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