YT5S: Best Ever YouTube 4K Videos Downloader

YT5S Best Ever YouTube 4K Videos Downloader

In the modern age, YouTube is one of the best-known video viewer apps. Through this, you can enjoy a lot of features such as can watch interesting videos and can share your own created videos.

Using YouTube, you surely came across the difficulty of saving videos, movies, best celebrity shows, or songs from YouTube to the gallery or where you want to put them. We can consider it a basic fault of YouTube. It only allows videos to be downloaded and saved on YouTube where they cannot be shared. But, you should don’t worry further because here in the respective article, we are introducing a fantastic tool that will help you to save videos in mp3 and mp4 mode. Yes, YT5s YouTube downloader is one of the best-known platforms which are made to save videos in mp3 and mp4 or other file formats. You can carry out downloading without any difficulty and restrictions with unlimited conversions.  Let’s move ahead and explore more things about the YT5s mp3 and mp4 downloader.

What is YT5s?

YT5s is one of the famous web-based YouTube videos downloader, which helps to download videos from YouTube and then convert it into mp3, mp4, and other different files. The process of downloading is very simple without any requirements of specific software, installation of the app, and signing up. The main advantage is that it can be carried out on all types of devices including iPhones, Android, Mac, or Linux, and also supports all types of Windows. Videos can be downloaded within 5 seconds on all types of devices.

Step-by-step Guidance to Complete Downloading Task:

To complete your downloading tasks, carry out the following step;

Step1:  Copy the link of an interesting video or simply remember keywords from YouTube

Step2:  Open the YT5s and in the URL paste link or keyword YouTube

Step3:  Select your required output format such as mp3 or mp4, and click on the download option

Step4:  Let YT5s convert and download the video within a few seconds

After all the process has been done, you can open it where your device used to keep downloads.

Top Features of Using YT5s

Nothing is useless when we talk about YT5s. It has a number of features, some of them are given as;

Support video and audio

Your favorites audios and video programs are now ready to be downloaded from YT5s. Any sort of video or audio can be downloaded from it. Once a downloading has been done, you need not worry about an internet connection. As the material downloaded by YT5s can be played without an internet connection. The quantities of downloading are not limited.

Universally usable

It is one of the best employers which is universally acknowledged. One cannot deny its peculiarity and it has turned a number of attention. The number of its user are increasing day by day because it has minimized the problem of saving and sharing videos or audio.

Unlimited download

YT5s is not made to show any hurdle when the question of downloading arise. It provides its user to make unlimited downloading. Your device will not come to any limitation and also, the conversion will also go well.

Free from viruses

YT5s is completely and 100% free from virus .it will not cause any harm to your device and will not choose a way of a hurdle for you. It is also free.

Quickly works

As you enter the URL of desired video or audio then, it will at once works. The minimum time may be reached up to 5s for downloading. The conversion is also very easy and quick.

Allow all formats

There are different formats to play a video or audio. Most of the formats may not work easily but, in the case of YT5s, it is not an issue because it will support all formats. All sorts of videos and audio files are allowed by TY5s.

Support all devices and windows

YT5s is so designed to support all devices. Different devices can carry out conversion without a difficult way. These devices include all smartphones, windows, and Android.

Benefits of using YT5s

When you use YT5s it let you entertain with a number of benefits. Some of these are given in the following.

  • The website is worthy to be used
  • You will not ask to register or signing the process
  • Very easy to handle
  • The processing speed is 1 GB per second
  • Support Multilanguage
  • You don’t need an installation of software to go through it
  • It will also download Facebook videos in HD at a fast speed.

How to remove ads?

The ads in any video player app can irritate you during watching. This can also be associated with YouTube videos. To overcome this issue we are providing you with methods that will help you to overcome this difficulty.

Here in the following, we are separately discussing removing ads from PC and Android.

Google Chrome (PC)

The following steps are involved in the process;

1. Open the browser and go to the three dots on the upper right side of the page

2. Chose setting and let your eyes find advanced option

3. In the advanced option you will come across privacy and security followed by content settings and then the notification option

4. Select off notification in the permission and then simply click on the block or remove option

(Google Chrome) Android

For Android guidance is given as;

1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner followed by selecting settings

2. Scroll down to find the site setting and click on the notification option

3. In the page select suspicious URLs orderly

4. Select off notification in the permission section

Finally, all the ads have been removed and blocked.

Top alternatives of YT5s

If for some reason or other, you are looking for another source, which acts as an alternative to yt5s then, the top alternatives are given as; is one of the highly recognized, fastest websites which help you to download YouTube videos online. The steps for downloading are very simple and are the easiest. A number of formats are supported by such as MP4, MP3, 3gp, and many more.

YouTube to mp4

YouTube to mp4 converter as the name suggest, is used to convert YouTube video into mp4 mode. It is completely safe and free to use and will grant you to convert your videos into 1080p, 4k, 480p, and 4k. is another web-based alternative of yt5s. It is used to carry out audio conversion from YouTube without irritating you from ads or popup. You can listen to highly qualified converted music as a result of

This is another source to help you in the conversation of YouTube videos in mp4 format. You can do this simply by typing or pasting the address of required video followed by clicking on conversions. It also provides highly HD videos.

This platform is used to carry out conversion in MP3. MP4 and M4A format on smartphones. Besides this, it is a popular source of conversion for videos, it also presents more than 1,000 popular streaming sites. Some desktop-supported conversions are HDmp4, AVI, MOV, MKA, and many more.

This web-based converter is converting audio and videos and then saves them in your desired place. It provides highly qualified videos and audio. This is both an Android and pc supported platform. The processing speed is very high and processes them in a few seconds. is one of the biggest alternative and competitor of yt5s. It is an online YouTube video downloader in mp4 format conversion that can be best done. is the best-known alternative to yt5s. It provides a highly versatile service by taking command of converting videos and audio from YouTube followed by downloading.


That’s was all about YT5s. It is one of the best tool to download YouTube videos and also to convert them in the required format. The process is very simple to follow .it will grant multiple features and benefits. This web-based tool is online and safe to use. You will not ask to create an account or to login for keeping YT5s.

This article contains all the basic requirements for considering yt5s. However, if you come across any difficulty or a question arises in your mind then; our comment section is waiting to help you in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Does later watching of converted videos require any internet connection?

The videos or audio first converted and saved in the device will not require any internet connection to play.

Where converted and downloaded mp3 does go to save in the device?

Your device will surely contain a downloaded folder, check it there or it may be placed in the browser’s section.

Which language is supported by YT5s?

YT5s support all languages of running days.

Why I am facing difficulty in downloading videos?

A number of reasons can cause a hurdle in downloading, which are given:

  • It may be due to the not correctly working of browser so, tries to change a browse
  • make sure that address you are carrying at the URL is correct
  • Continuously refresh the page
  • It may be due to a weak internet connection, try to make sure of a strong internet connection.

Is yt5s support all types of windows?

Yes, yt5s support all types of Windows such as Windows 7, 16, or others.



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