Polk Audio Buckle: An Addition to Headphones with Stylistic Design, Features, Pros & Cons


Modern man, nowadays has become an addict of listening to music and watching videos. They want to carry out all this in a very comfort zone which can provide ears a very smooth listening. If you are traveling by road or air in the extreme noise of traffic or, if you are sitting in a room and want to keep listening up to you then, surely you want to wear a headphone.

Headphones of different brands are available in market which are taking part in the race to get lead over other. And if the word headphone sprinkles one’s mind then, Polk audio buckle cannot be forgetter as, it is also at the top some useful brands of headphones.

Polk audio buckle is one of the most popular brand of headphone. it has successfully achieved a position due to its performance and function. Dear viewer, if you are anxiously waiting to get review of Polk audio buckle then, we will not take your much and are letting you on the way towards Polk audio buckle.

What is Polk audio buckle?

Polk audio buckle is actually a new addition to the product of headphone generation. It is a type of over-ear headphones which is so designed to provide a comfort hearing to your ears. Polk eagerly focus on the style of its product like headphones. Its stylistic feature like sheath of worn leathers over headband and broad cut of matte-finished make it more favorable to purchase. It provides a clear sound up to some extent. You can carry it and enjoy listening everywhere. It is wire based headphones to make a connection.

This article will provide you all the information about Polk audio buckle. The smooth designing is very attractive. designing along with all the features are here in the following.

Designing of Polk audio buckle

The designing of Polk audio buckle is very effective and attractive. It came with a unique design which help to retain it and also it provides a best system to carry out in your work.

Unique designing of Polk audio buckle is mention in the following.

  • Brand is Polk audio
  • An over ear design which help to isolate noise
  • Building is in such a way that you can connect it with iPhone and IPad to adjust volume or to control music
  • Can take a call by connecting it with an iPhone
  • Provide clear sound by minimizing background noise
  • The headband is design with aluminum with leather covering
  • Its dynamic driver is 40mm
  • Provide a mini cable which can be detachable
  • Sen stativity include 99.8 dB
  • Impedance is about 24-ohms
  • Brown, silver, white and black is in color
  • Brown color price is in range of $99.34 and black color price is in range of $54.90
  • Wire connectivity
  • Light in weight
  • Design with three button controls
  • single button control audio and phone calls
  • product dimension is about 3.33*6.9*7.32 inches
  • weight is 1.8 pounds
  • fitted with one lithium ion battery
  • volume 168 in3
  • offer a travel bag
  • 1-year warranty

Features of Polk audio buckle

Polk audio buckle is an amazing invention of modern world. It is, in true sense a very distinct competitor in the race of different headphone brands. Cne can prefer to buy it due to features mentioned in the following.


Polk audio buckle is made up of metal. There is also a solid construction and plastic around ear cups. the color of headphones may be white, black, brown or silver. White and brown design are very re to find however black and silver design looks very beautiful.

 A Comfort zone

When your ear touches the headphone, it feels very fair comfort due to its smooth designing. It tightly fits on the ears without offering any restrictions or an irritation of too much tight or loose. It will absorb all the noise coming from the outside and will surely differentiate your listening. You can easily carry out in the home or during a travel.

Offer a number of control

Polk audio buckle is design with more than one control buttons. These buttons include control music play back, attend or reject a call and adjust a volume. This is a very outstanding setup as it will make sure a quick response without approaching another device. All this will be under our fingers. Left ear of headphone contain a button which when you will press three times, will return you to your previous song this pressing may be for one time and two time and you can get a random song instead of previous song.

Jack and cord

cord and jack are made with a special material which will help to retain its worth. The design is very sleek. this jack provides a very clear sound. The jack is about 2.5 mm. however, extension is very short it will offer a hurdle to connect it with a desktop so, in order to make a long connection you have to buy it.


Polk audio buckle offer a quick response when connect with an iPhone and iPad. You can get a call listening via this headphone it can also connect a wireless.

Sound quality

Polk audio buckle provides a very unique quality sound. Its hearing is very melodic and you can feel the sound of the music up to soul. Polk audio will restrict the harshness of noise as it provides a high volume frequency so, any unwanted noise will not irritate you.

Remote control

In order to control your music and phone calls, there is a 3-way remote control which is located at the outer side of headband. This remote system is completely fit with iPhone, iPod and iPad. By pressing this remote control system calls can be reject or attend.

Warranty and returning assurance

Polk audio offer 1-year warranty. Within this period, you will allow to return your microphone if it is causing any hurdle to use. Beside this, you can also return Polk audio buckle to company within 30 days after purchasing.


To keep your headphones safe and avoid any scratches, company offer a stylish cloth pouch. You will not require to buy another bag. it completely fits with headphone. However, as the case is very soft, it will not protect headphones from harsh conditions such as worst accidents,

Pros and cons of Polk audio buckle

Positive and negative aspect of Polk audio buckle are given as;


  • Durable build quality
  • Exceptional design
  • Can be connect to ios design
  • Don’t cause a neck pain
  • Easy to wear
  • Easy to carry
  • Ear cups will not irritate or slip across neck
  • Durable PET material
  • Stitched leathers


  • Can cause an issue when connected to android devices
  • Smaller in extension length or cord
  • Noise cancellation is poor
  • Rigidity in designing
  • After excessive use can gets heavier
  • When there is a noise of multiple playing then, it may be a bit difficult to differentiate between all
  • May not in reach to everyone to purchase
  • Cannot be folded


Products with electrical plug may require a different voltage to use and these are design to use in US. Voltage may differ from place to place internationally. For this reason, product require an adapter, which will use as a converter and will make sure your conection.so before purchasing any such device firstly, look for compatibility. 

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What are some items I can get along with Polk audio buckles?

Some of the items you can get along with Polk audio buckles are audio cable, manual, carrying pouch adapter.

In How many colors of Polk audio buckle are available?

Polk’s audio buckle is available in four colors such as brown, white, black and silver.

What is the price of brown color Polk audio buckle?

In market it is available in price $49.98.

Can Polk audio buckle cancel all noise?

No, Polk audio buckle cannot cancel all noise. It cancel noise up to some extent.

Can cord of Polk audio buckle be replaced by another?

Yes, it can be replaced. In fact, it is small in length so in order to connect it with a desktop you should have to buy another cord to make extension.

Is it a wire based headphone or wireless base headphone please clearly guide me?

It is not a wireless base but wired based headphone. You can connect it via wire to your device.

Bottom lines

That is all about Polk audio buckle. It is a pair of headphone which are design to wear over ear. It comes with a number of features with optimum price. The sound of Polk audio buckle is very clear. Up to some extent it cancels noise. They can be easily carried out. It comes with a number of advantages. If you like this, then don’t spent further time and get it.

We, very precisely design this article keeping in view your all questions. if you are facing any difficulty then feel free to ask it in our comment section.



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